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Sapro s.r.o.

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ABOUT Sapro s.r.o.

The main activity of the company Sapro s.r.o. since 1993 is production, import-export, wholesale and distribution in the field of satellite and terrestrial analogue and digital reception technology.

Antenna, lighting electronics, automotive electronics and wholesale electronics CCTV, DVR NVR, IP HD Cameras, LED lighting , telecommunication equipment routers , switches.

Sapro s.r.o. is one of the leading distributors and importers of satellite and antenna equipment in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

We are a manufacturer, importer distributor or owner of many well-known brands of electronics such as:

Showbox, DREAMSKY, SatElita, HD-BOX, DI-WAY, DI-BOX, Ferguson, AZBOX, OpenBox, Opticum, Famaval, Inverto , Dreambox

Octagon, Formuler, Fortis, Deviser, Tecatel, Blow, Megasat, Thomson , Strong SAT, Zgemma , Apebox, Qviart and others.

  • We supply camera systems , installation Afidus , Dauhua, DI-WAY , Hikvision , NVR DVRs , accessories , technical support , preparation of quotations. AHD, HDCVI, IP
  • We supply camera systems , installation Afidus , Dauhua, DI-WAY , Hikvision , NVR DVRs , accessories , technical support , preparation of quotations. AHD, HDCVI, IP
  • Camera systems for housing associations, owners‘ associations, companies, offices, surgeries, waiting rooms, family houses, with mobile access, recording.
  • Solar systems , we provide consultancy , help advise including handling all formalities related to implementation and arrange subsidy with NZU , stock panels , accessories , inverters.
    • Sales at wholesale and dealer prices, quantity discounts for multiple panel purchases, etc.
    • Many years of experience in the industry ( since 1993 )
    • We have our own service centre equipped with modern technology – quick resolution of complaints
    • Possibility to purchase on invoice with 14 days payment
    • Full range of products permanently in stock , Solar Sofar , Amerisolar , Astro energy , Jinko , Tecatel
    • Goods „in stock“ ordered before 12:00 are shipped the same day
    • We ship to Slovakia every day by Geis shipping company at the prices of the local SK tariff
    • Free shipping on orders over 5000 – 8000 CZK valid for both Czech and SK customers (depends on the assigned price category)
    • Orders are accepted : by e-mail / phone / skype / e-shop
    • Possibility of in-person pickup
  • Satellite , DVB-T2 , IPTV technology , we provide installation of TV antennas , reception from satellites to receive all available TV and radio programs , DVB-C and IPTV 
  • Receivers and accessories for Skylink , UPC Freesat , DIGITV Telly , Orange T-mobil , Pantelio ,(Magnet TV , Fotelka ) Antik TV , Polish , German , Russian , Vietnamese , Arabic , 18+ erotic , Sports
  • Skylink activation , service fee etc. Set top boxes for IPTV : Skylink , Watch TV , 4net, Better TV
  • Universal and spare remotes DI-WAY Hotel , Senior 
  • complete assortment in stock or on order by the next day .Electro installation material , Luxury switches sockets EMC Govena Metal line, VO ELEKTRO Wholesale Třinec , complete range in stock or on order until the next day.
  • Protective equipment against COVID-19 such as respirators , respirators FFP2 KN95 , thermometers , rubber gloves, disinfectants, room disinfection with ozone O3
  • We can help you with the transition to DVB-T2, signal measurement services, antenna replacements, amplifiers, set top box replacements, preparation for LTE, 5G
  • Welding of optical fibers with a portable welder, rental of the welder.
  • Repair of rechargeable batteries , battery packs for measuring instruments, tools etc . info at servis@sapro.cz


We operate in Slovakia directly as Sapro s.r.o.

For retail purchase we recommend for example ELKA Čadca www.elkahifi.sk

Basic assortment:

DVB-T terrestrial digital receivers, DVB-T antennas, room, broadband, directional, logarithmic, GSM, antenna amplifiers and accessories – splitters, combiners, TV SAT FM sockets.

Power supplies:
Antenna power supplies 12 V/100 mA, switching power supplies 5 V to 24 V / 10 W to 30 W, Fast chargers NiMh, NiCd, UPS backup power supplies – LESTAR.

Surge protectors LESTAR, halogen bulbs, luminaires for halogen bulbs, electronic transformers for halogen bulbs, extension leads, Metal EMC – switch, sockets in luxury all-metal design chrome, titanium, brass.

AV accessories:
Interconnecting audio video cables, connectors, AV Gold High Grade – Gold plated High End accessories.

Spare parts for AUDIO, TV, SAT:
Universal remotes, replacement D.O.’s, replacements for orginal D.O.’s, audio modules for BG/DK standards conversion, AUDIO-VIDEO signal transmitters.

Small home electronics:
Infrared switches, sensors, alarms, thermometers, hygrometers, dimmers, doorbells, LCD clocks, weather stations.

Auto-moto electro:
Car battery chargers – 6/12 V batteries, cold starters – BOOSTER 120A, car battery chargers, testers, multimeters, portable workshop lights 12 V/230 V, car thermometers, power supplies for car refrigerators 230 V/12 V 6 A.